Pétur Ben miXmass Festival

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One of the special guests during the second edition of miXmass was Pétur Ben. Pétur created new arrangements of his own songs especially for Baroque Orchestration X, which will soon be appearing on his new album. One of his wild dreams? More collaborations with B.O.X and a tour with the unique orchestra. He worked a lot with Mugison and got in touch with Pieter Theuns in 2015. Pétur studied composition and prefers working with a broader pallet of musicians. A perfect match with B.O.X

Needless to say is that Pétur is a darling for everyone who has seen him at work. He combines personality and charisma with fantastic melodies and a fragile voice. Previously he collaborated with Nick Cave, Mugison, Amiina and Emiliana Torrini. He was already guest at last year’s edition of miXmass, both as the chief of Kórus and as a solo artist.

Pétur Ben: “What Pieter does with this festival is both brave and beautiful. It is not normal classical music. And it is not weird avant-garde either. It is a warm fuzzy festival. I just realize it now. I was watching Tsar B and there were singers around the concerthall. Pieter was orchestrating the musicians. He was making these surprises and also the heartwarming experiences that people take home. It bleeds into the other artists. When you go on stage, you are less afraid. People accept it here, making that will be a brand for the future. People come here to witness something that is innocent and sophisticated at the same time.”


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