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In his solo Farmer Train Swirl/ étude, dancer and choreographer Cassiel Gaube goes in search of the intersection between walking and house music.

Cassiel Gaube: It was the nicest performance of this solo that I did till now because of the set up. deSingel wanted a club edition. The audience in a U-shape, that worked out very well. When I arrive I want to create a common space. Giving some context on what I do is important and at the same time it loosens up the space. The work is an experiment and is a study on transformation. The point is to experiment, not just to show house dance. Meanwhile I want to honour the material. I want this to be my departure habitat, the environment and the ecosystem from which I depart. My history is the background. I accept that I have a certain subjective history. I went through PARTS (Performing Arts Research and Training Studios Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker) afterwards I lived in Paris for two years and travelled several times to New York.
The work I make is trying to explore these different dimensions.

I never get to the run if nobody is looking at me, because it is very exhausting. I meditate, drink coffee and then really enjoy when people are there, there is a loop and I manage through the whole thing.

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  1.' Dominique Mean schreef:

    Authentique, joyeux, vrai.
    À suivre !! 🙂😃👀

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