A Talk with Daniel Linehan A BODY OF WORK

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This talk with Daniel Linehan is very inspiring. In his new solo “A Body of work” he looks back to his oeuvre and even further back to own childhood memories.

    Linehan: “I was interested to take a look back at all the work that I have been making as a choreographer over the past (almost) 15 years. I wanted to revisit some of the fragments from these dances that have stayed most with me. Some people have asked me: “Well, you are still relatively young, why are you making a work that is kind of retrospective, a work that is looking backwards?” We live in a day and age where there is always pressure. Always think of something new, make something new. I think it is important to take a moment to pause and reflect and that is why I wanted to work on this solo too; not just constantly be reaching for the future, but also to think of: What is my past? What have I been working on? A moment to reflect… The work is not necessary a retrospective where you see excerpts of different pieces, but rather fragments, images, small materials that have stayed in my body that I have decided to rearrange into a new dance.

The work is a lot about memory

and what stays with you over time.

In the second video he directs his voice to all young people: “I would say to a young creative person who wants to make any kind of art, not to feel limited by the formats. For myself I was trained as a dancer and choreographer, but I never thought that means all I could do is do gestures on the stage. I was always thinking what is the core of dance it is about movement, about the body and that can relate to many different art forms and that can incorporate many things in my work. I worked a lot with the voice and I think the voice is also a movement and a vibration. I think about it also as a dance. If you are trained in a certain medium or certain form, you can also start to feel restricted by whatever that medium is. I would always say to think outside the box. What are the core elements you are interested in? For me, I am really interested in movement, in the body and that can take a lot of different forms.”

Body of Work
fri 01 mar – sat 02 mar 2019






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