Simon McBurney – The Encounter ***PUBLIEKSREACTIES

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Na de voorstelling op donderdag 10 mei verzamelden Kleo Van Ostade en Lisa Deckers verschillende impressies van het publiek.

De voorstelling is nog te zien om vrijdag 11 mei en zaterdag 12 mei.

De boeiende reacties zijn hieronder te bekijken.

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One Response to Simon McBurney – The Encounter ***PUBLIEKSREACTIES

  1.' Iris O'Connell schreef:

    Wonderful performance by Simon Mcburney. He really gets “inside ” your head. It’s unique -an individual experience shared by an entire audience. His voice is mesmerising and his stage presence electrifying. He has not only managed to realay a story in an inventive manner but simultaneously got us all thinking of the consequences of the encounter in the Amazon and the aftermath. We are the”lost” tribe – drowning in materialism, losing contact with reality, whilst the jaguar people work as one conciousness, and are able to shed their collective “skin” and re-inventing themselves. Thank you for so much food for thought.

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