Brussels Jazz Orchestra olv. Maria Schneider BJO25 | 25 Birthday

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“The synergy between the saxophones was pure magic!”


The concert started with a piece inspired by a Paul Klee picture, a most favourable time to introduce the bands energy. They proved immediately not to be the kind of jazz orchestra that chose standards. Impressive kickoff by the trumpet quartet (Serge Plume, Nico Schepers, Pierre Drevet and Jeroen Van Malderen).

The second piece, surely part of the Schneider canon, is set in Minnesotan. A Tornado passed Schneider’s hometown. Her mother did not want to go inside because of the enormous kick she experienced. “What to do? Watch my mother getting blown away? No I was there with her and will never forget that feeling.” The sonorous trombones (staged by Marc Godfroid, Lode Mertens, Ben Fleerakkers and Laurent Hendrick) and the pianist (Nathalie Loriers) resembled the situation perfectly.

Maria Schneider gave the public a wonderful insight to the setting in which The Thompson Fields is created, open prairie landscape, big hills and an amazing wild life. She mentioned a barn in the neighbourhood that shares attractive ideas to preserve soil and work in favor of nature. There is a strong sense of community over there according to Maria Schneider.

The Brussels Jazz Orchestra took the public from Antwerp all the way to the landscape and the waves of green wind were once subtly delicate at the opening and then building to glorious brightness. The synergy between the saxophones (Frank Vaganée, Dieter Limbourg, Kurt Van Herck, Bart Defoort and Bo Van der Werf) was pure magic!

More brightness in the piece that took us to Central park in New York, special mention of the birds in the public for this particular song.

“Impressive kickoff by the trumpet quartet”



Maria Schneider put the spotlight firmly on every musician individually. With charm she pronounced every full name of the eighteen musicians on stage and the crew. The drummer (Toni Vitacolonna) was only six years old when the Brussels Jazz Orchestra was founded in 1993 by Frank Vaganée, Serge Plume, Marc Godfroid and Bo van der Werf.





More credits to: accordeon, Philippe Thuriot. Contrabas, Frans van der Hoeven and gitar, Hendrik Braeckman.



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