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Bio: She knows exactly what she wants and works hard to get it. Not surprisingly, photographer Julia M. Free, at the age of nineteen, already exhibited her images of Dutch jazz musicians at cafe restaurant NEL Amstelveld in Amsterdam. Although an allround photographer, Julia’s focus is concert photography and portraits of musicians in context. Born in the Netherlands in 1991 and having worked in England, she is currently based in Antwerp, Belgium. It is remarkable for such a young artist, to have developed her own style. Julia does not copy other photographers, but shows her own vision. Partly conscious, partly intuitive, not easily satisfied, she knows exactly when she has her shot, without a doubt. Her images are grainy and mostly black and white, which is, of course, not new, but the overview of elements makes this is unmistakably a photograph taken by Julia. She brings a clear message with her work: this is me, this is what I do, judge for yourself. Julia was educated at the Dutch School for Photography. At that time she met Amsterdam photographer Bob Bronshoff, a mentor and inspirator. She subsequently built up experience in capturing musicians in their environment as the photographer of the Dutch blues band Barrelhouse. Gained confidence in other fields of the profession by working, among others, for theatre De Vest and BNR News Radio. She further extended her expertise as a music photographer at Jazz magazine Jazzenzo and art- and culture website 8WEEKLY. Julia covered the “Trafalgar Arches” studio recordings and tour through Spain by Belgian band leader Michael Magalon, after which she documented the recording of the latest album by the Franz von Chozzy Quintet “When the World comes home” in Osnabrück, Germany. by Jan Jasper Tamboer

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